1. I made a West Wing wallpaper


  2. "I don’t want to spend my life thinking about all the impossibilities I face when I wake up in the morning. But the reality is, I’m a woman of color in America. That itself is enough for you to wake up and go, “Oh, f—!”"
    — Zoe Saldana is everything
  3. That one time Rocky called me Athena and I ran with it. 

    (I <3 Illustrator)

  4. So.many.mountains.

    also considering opening an Etsy shop to sell these…

  5. Sunset in Burlington, VT

  6. It took three ink pens, watercolor paper, and fair shares of both my eyesight and sanity, but mischief managed. 

    Next up: Middle Earth


  7. You don’t know a damn thing about the way I look at you

    I look at you

    Like maybe you’re made of marble

    Well, maybe not marble

    Because I don’t want to touch stone

    And they would never let me

    put my hands on David

    But I look at you

    Like maybe you’re made of stars

    Like the sun

    As if my eyes and heart

    Can’t take you in for too long

    And I don’t want you 

    burned into my retinas

    Because what if that image remains

    Long after we say goodbye

    I look at you

    Like maybe you’re the answer

    To all the questions

    I never dared to ask a soul

    Till I breathed them into your skin

    But I’m afraid

    I still can’t figure this out

    How do I look at you?

    As if you’re words on a page

    I want to decipher

    As if you’re a fire

    A slow-burning flame

    Could you, like me,

    burn down the wilderness? 

    How do I look at you?

    I don’t know

    I can’t see my own reflection

    in your eyes

    But I know how I need to be seen

    And I wait

    And I watch

    And I wonder

    And I want to look at you

    as if you’re Home

  8. Puppy love


  9. "

    I didn’t feel as if my heart was breaking. But it felt as if something was splintering inside me all the same. And every time I saw them together, every piece of gossip someone told me about them, every time The Boy walked into the room and didn’t acknowledge my existence, it felt like there were rubber bands snapping across something soft inside of me that I had never intended to make so vulnerable.

    You didn’t pick me.The words came with jagged edges. And who is to say anyone ever will?

    — sometimes I write things to get them out of my head and away from my heart

  10. "I have so much to see,
    how could I waste
    my god-given youth
    waiting for you
    to open your eyes?"
    — Michelle K., Seeing. (via theflowershop)

    (via ladygr4ce)