1. "I wish I could tell my skin that it is made of fire. That it covers blood and bone and muscle no different in makeup from Jennifer Lawrence or Michelle Obama or Emma Watson.

    I wish I could tell my skin that it exists as a covering for what is pulsing within my body, that it has been designed to keep me safe, and that anyone who cares more about wrapping paper than what it contains inside is a fool.

    And I am learning that even the people who love me can be foolish.

    I am trying to come to peace with something I never used to cry over.

    I am trying to tell my skin, I am trying to tell myself, I am trying to tell my mother and my family and whoever I want to love me that I am more than my color.

    But I am my color, too.

    My skin is not a shade an Indian mother can be proud of, my skin is the color of cinnamon and peeled-back tree bark, and my skin never used to make me ashamed.”

    -“Made of Fire” by me for The Michigan Daily. Read the rest here 

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    My skin is not a shade an Indian mother can be proud of, my skin is the color of cinnamon and peeled-back tree bark, and...
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    No girl or woman should be ashamed of the color of their skin. It’s upsetting that we live in a society where a human...
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